About Us

Who we are.

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Who we are

One Eleuthera Foundation is a non-profit development organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Led by a committed Board of Directors and Staff Members, OEF is an organic coming together of different community actors and organizations that have recognized the island’s challenges, opportunities, and assets and have committed to developing a comprehensive, sustainable plan for Eleuthera. We represent a gathering of professionals and organizations that share a commitment to a future that is built on the responsible development of our island’s many assets.

Our Vision

We recognize that Eleuthera has a unique opportunity to build an economy based on our unique and rich cultural and heritage assets. This requires moving from a fragmented development approach to creating a structured plan that makes the natural and relevant links among communities and projects, measures success through monitoring and evaluation, and addresses any implementation challenges. The role of OEF in all of this is to connect people and organizations to the resource needed to find, develop or expand projects and activities that will allow Eleuthera and Eleutherans to be successful.

Vision to Action

OEF’s goal is to strengthen the Eleuthera community by identifying and investing in high quality projects that further its economic, environmental and social development. Key to achieving this goal is connecting organizations and people to the necessary resources for them to be effective in their work.

Our focus is on effecting systemic change and it is for this reason that we undertake such diverse and in-depth projects. We know that by implementing key programs and supporting our partners and other non-profits in carrying out their work, the community of Eleuthera will benefit immensely and become a more productive, self-sufficient island.

Projects fall under one or more of our 5 keys areas which include Education, Health and Wellness, Economic Development, Environment and Culture and Heritage. Click here to find out more about our projects.